Cryotherapy at The Crescent 

Please note Cryotherapy at The crescent will reopen on September 9, 2020.

Chill out and speed up recovery in the newest Cryotherapy chamber in Uptown Dallas. It only takes 3 minutes to receive the maximum benefits of the -220° temperatures that will leave you with better circulation and range of motion. Book a session during your next stay or add on to your spa service.
For reservations please call 214.871.3232, book online, or email


During each session, blood vessels in your skin’s surface and muscle tissue constrict, forcing blood away from your peripheral tissue and towards your core to assist with reducing inflammation.


After your session, blood flows back to peripheral tissue. Now enriched with oxygen, and enzymes, your blood warms the skin and muscle tissue and increases range of motion.


Over the next 48-hours, the restoration process occurs and the body returns to a better condition.

Treatment Menu

Per Session

Introductory Rate $45 (first time only)

Single Session $65

Spa service add-on $35

Monthly Passes

Cryo Pass $220 / Spa Member Rate $179 Includes: Four sessions per month, one guest pass, access to Fitness Center, locker rooms, lounges, and spa wet areas.

Platinum Pass $499 / Member Rate $259 Includes: Unlimited uses per month, one guest pass, access to the Fitness Center, locker rooms, lounges, and spa wet areas.

The Spa at The Crescent Hours

Private memberships of The Crescent Club and The Spa at The Crescent are available including access to the most prestigious private dining club in Dallas along with a fitness center, complimentary classes and swimming pool.

For private memberships please call Monica So at 214.953.4314 or email

Weekend Rates From $179/Night
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