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November 17, 2023

With a luxury guest room or suite at Hotel Crescent Court, an unrivaled Uptown perch, you’ve got convenient, no-hassle access to some of the leading destinations in and around Downtown Dallas, Texas, one of the great urban centers in the country.

Those destinations include, for one, the West End Historic District, which includes some of the most famous landmarks in the city and a slew of family-friendly attractions.

The West End: Part of Dallas’s Formative History

Dallas’s West End encompasses some of the original geography of the city’s Euro-American settlement, which really kicked off in the early 1840s with the establishment of John Neely Bryan’s Trinity River trading post.

Development burgeoned from that foundational node, not least when the tracks of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad and the Texas & Pacific Railroad were laid through the vicinity. In the 1920s, the West End became the original factory and warehouse district of Dallas.

When it comes to single historical events in the West End, though, none is more infamous than the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza. Many visitors today specifically come to the West End to learn about—and reflect on—that shattering day of American history.

In 1978, the neighborhood officially became the West End Historic District. Its 21st-century transformation has seen the area emerge as one of the most vibrant corners of the city, its creative energy and technological achievements earning it recognition by the Dallas Innovation Alliance as an officially designated Smart District.

Visiting the West End Historic District During Your Stay at Hotel Crescent Court

Your luxury accommodatoins at Hotel Crescent Court put you within easy walking distance of the West End Historic District, which includes some of the best-known attractions in the city.

They include the Dealey Plaza Historic District itself, where you can pay a visit to the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial as well as the former Texas Book Depository building via the Sixth Floor Museum (411 Elm Street).

That’s not the only high-profile interpretive institution in the district: Here you’ll also find the Dallas Holocaust & Human Rights Museum (300 N. Houston St), another sanctuary for thoughtful reflection, as well as the Dallas Museum of Illusion (701 Ross Ave) and the Old Red Museum (100 S. Houston St), which calls the monumental, 1892-built Old Dallas County Courthouse.

The West End Historic District also harbors the Dallas World Aquarium (1801 N. Griffin St), which dazzles visitors with its globe-spanning exhibits and menagerie of creatures finned, scaled, jellied, and otherwise put together.

Hotel Crescent Court: Your Luxury Springboard for the West End Historic District & Other Top Dallas Attractions

Certainly put the West End Historic District on the itinerary for your next getaway in Uptown Dallas here at Hotel Crescent Court, host to some of the best accommodations, spa services, and dining in the city. We can’t wait to host you—whether you’re a first-time guest or a longtime one—at our well-positioned luxury hotel.