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January 10, 2021

Enjoying plush accommodations and a fantastic location in Dallas at Hotel Crescent Court, you’re nice and close to some of the city’s best-known attractions—including no shortage of indoor destinations with something for everybody. Here’s a mere sampling of some of them!

The Dallas World Aquarium (1801 N. Griffin St, Dallas, TX)

Get up close and personal with underwater (and above-water, too) denizens of the world at the celebrated Dallas World Aquarium in downtown. Some truly remarkable creatures—finned and feathered, toothed and clawed, scaly and armored—call this facility home, and young and old alike tend to find themselves completely and utterly absorbed here.

Exhibits at the Dallas World Aquarium include an incredible evocation of the northern South America Orinoco Basin rainforest, where you can see such critters as the red howler monkey, brown-throated three-toed sloth, bare-faced curassow, goliath bird-eating spider, ocellate river stingray, and the green anaconda, the world’s heftiest snake. The Mundo Maya exhibit shows off the longsnout seahorse, the spotted moray, the brown shark, Morelet’s crocodile, the spectacled owl, and the gorgeously patterned ocelot. Or take a tour of South Africa and its panther chameleons and black-footed penguins, or the steamy depths of Borneo, host to the great shoebill stork, rhinoceros hornbill, Matschie’s tree kangaroo, palm cockatoo, and the Asian arowana, or “dragon fish.”

The well-stocked aquarium zone of the institution, meanwhile, includes a wealth of sealife, from giant clams, moon jellyfish, and giant Pacific octopuses to blue-dot stingrays, anglerfish, and the extraordinary Japanese spider crab, which may span 13 feet across.

Perot Museum of Nature & Science (2201 N. Field St, Dallas, TX)

From its beginnings in 1936 as the Dallas Museum of Natural History to the launch of its 180,000-square-foot, six-floor Victory Park facility in 2012, the Perot Museum of Nature & Science has a rich tradition of introducing Dallas locals and visitors from around the world to the marvels of Earth and the broader cosmos.

The many permanent exhibits include the T. Boone Pickens Life Then & Now Hall, where you can spend some quality time with such prehistoric beasts as Tyrannosaurus rex and Pachyrhinosaurus perotorum, the latter a new dino species described by Perot Museum paleontologists. Explore the inner and outer workings of the human animal at the Being Human Hall, the science behind athletics at the Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall, and biological and ecological wonders—including native Texas ecosystems—in the Discovering Life Hall. And if you’ve got some tykes in tow, don’t miss the Moody Family Children’s Museum, the attractions of which include a playground formed of miniaturized Dallas landmarks.

The Perot Museum also includes a variety of temporary exhibitions and screens educational films in its in-house theater.


The Dallas Museum of Art (1717 N. Harwood, Dallas, TX)

Paintings, sculptures, textiles, and much more from all around the world compose the permanent collection at the DMA, one of the country’s biggest art museums. That collection comprises better than 24,000 pieces that span thousands of years of human history and creative expression. The highlights are far too many to do justice to here, but we’ll note that one of the best-known pieces in the DMA’s American collection is the enigmatic painting by Frederic Edwin Church called The Icebergs.

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From the penguins and sharks of the Dallas World Aquarium to the masterpieces within the corridors of the Dallas Museum of Art, soak up the best of this world-class city while enjoying note-perfect hospitality from Hotel Crescent Court!