Hotel Crescent Court
Hotel Crescent Court

The Best BBQ Restaurants in Dallas

Texas, of course, is one of the global epicenters of BBQ, an American cookery tradition that encompasses some fascinating regional variety (and no small amount of partisanship). As a guest here at Hotel Crescent Court in Uptown Dallas, you’ve got some fabulous purveyors of this time-honored manipulation of fire, smoke, and meat at your beck and call—not to mention the opportunity to sample the culinary craft right here at our own dining establishments.


Free Events and Family Fun in Dallas, TX

By no means do you have to spend a fortune to enjoy the arts, culture, and entertainment fruits of the great city of Dallas this summer. Some of the season’s leading attractions, in fact, won’t put you behind a single cent! And with an Uptown perch at Hotel Crescent Court, you’re all set to take advantage of them.

Here’s a mere smattering of some of the places, happenings, and activities you and the fam can enjoy sightseeing your way around Dallas as guests of ours at Hotel Crescent Court—for free!


Things to Do in Dallas for the 4th of July

The Fourth of July comes heartily celebrated here in Dallas, and you can have your pick of festivities with auspiciously situated luxury accommodations here at Hotel Center Court! Let’s review just a few of the holiday happenings going down in and around this great city of ours… (more…)

Summer Family Fun in Dallas

It’s summer vacation time once again—it always seems to sneak up on us!—and as always we’re welcoming families one and all to our luxury hotel here in Uptown Dallas, a perfect perch for experiencing the city’s myriad attractions and activities for an all-ages crowd. Here are only a few options for family-friendly fun in summertime Dallas—all of them conveniently accessed from Hotel Crescent Court! (more…)

Romantic Wedding Venue in Uptown Dallas

luxury Uptown Dallas, TX wedding venue awaits you at Hotel Crescent Court, where beautiful event spaces, glamorous guest rooms and suites, and an attentive coordinating and catering staff deliver matrimonial magic on all counts.

We’ll spell out the basics here, and we encourage you to get in touch for more information by filling out our online Event Request form. (more…)

Family Friendly Fun at The Perot Museum

As a guest of ours at Hotel Crescent Court, you’re mere blocks from one of the great cultural attractions in Dallas: the Perot Museum of Nature and Science in Victory Park. Whether you’re enjoying our luxury hospitality with a young family or you’re looking for an engaging destination on a free afternoon during a business trip, the Perot Museum delivers all-ages wonderment. (more…)

Hotel near Best Breweries in Dallas

You can’t explore Dallas without taking in at least a few of the area’s most notable breweries downtown. And there’s no better vantage point to start from than Hotel Crescent Court, located within walking distance of America’s largest urban arts district and within five minutes from Downtown Dallas.

In recent years, we’ve welcomed thousands of visitors from around the country, who love visiting all of the unique breweries that this city has to offer. Below, we’ll explore some of the must-visit breweries and explain how you can add them to your next trip to Dallas. (more…)

Best Hotel for Homegrown Music and Arts Festival

If you love music and arts and a general good time, don’t miss the Homegrown Music and Arts Festival in Downtown Dallas. This year, the festival well take place from noon to 10pm on May 12, 2018. (more…)

Luxury Spa Treatments in Uptown Dallas, TX

Welcome to Hotel Crescent Court — where luxury and relaxation awaits you!
At Hotel Crescent Court, we put the wellness and health of our guests first. Our Dallas spa,

Boutique Hotel for Dallas Arboretum Food & Wine Festival

Looking for an enjoyable retreat in Dallas, TX this March? Come to the Dallas Arboretum Food & Wine Festival! It’s a wonderfully immersive experience for foodies and wine lovers from around the country and world.

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