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March 8, 2021

Relishing Uptown comfort and luxury here at Hotel Crescent Court, you’ll find yourself beautifully positioned to take in Dallas’s top attractions. More than a few of those top attractions—and some of the richest flavors of history in the city—await you in Dallas’s West End, just a stone’s throw from our magnificent upscale hotel.

The West End Historic District of Downtown Dallas

The birth of Dallas as one of the great American cities stretches back to what’s today the West End, traceable to the trading post set up along the Trinity River’s east banks by John Neely Bryan way back in 1842. 

Dallas grew up around this outpost, and as the modern metropolis evolved the West End went through the usual up-and-down evolution of an urban district. It was revitalized at the start of the 21st century and has flourished in its latest guise as an innovation hub, commercial center, and high-profile visitor destination—all without forgetting its history.

Sightseeing & Other Attractions in the Dallas West End

The West End Historic District includes a wide variety of attractions, including no shortage of fine shopping and dining. There’s also a significant concentration of museums, including the Dallas Holocaust & Human Rights Museum (300 N. Houston Street), the Dallas Museum of Illusions (701 Ross Ave), and the Old Red Museum (100 S. Houston Street), which resides in the old county courthouse building.

The West End is also home to some of the darkest and most profoundly moving geography in the country, namely the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. This tragic and world-shaking event comes memorialized in multiple sites, including Dealey Plaza itself, the Sixth Floor Museum (411 Elm Street) overlooking it in what once was the Texas School Book Depository, and the monolithic John Fitzgerald Kennedy Memorial.

On an entirely different note, the West End also hosts one of the top family destinations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area: the Dallas World Aquarium (1801 N. Griffin Street), host to a magnificent collection of both above- and below-water critters from all around the world (and among the spots we profiled in our recent blogpost on leading Dallas indoor attractions).

Explore Dallas’s West End on a Hotel Crescent Court Stay

Minutes from the museums, stores, restaurants, and monuments of the West End, you’ll enjoy the pinnacle of Uptown Dallas luxury at Hotel Crescent Court. Relax in our expansive spa, dine at Nobu or Beau Nash, and generally relish some of the finest hospitality you’ll ever be treated to. Our hotel also makes one of the leading locations in Dallas for weddings and other special events, for which the West End offers a close-by attraction for your guests!