The Best BBQ Restaurants in Dallas

Texas, of course, is one of the global epicenters of BBQ, an American cookery tradition that encompasses some fascinating regional variety (and no small amount of partisanship). As a guest here at Hotel Crescent Court in Uptown Dallas, you’ve got some fabulous purveyors of this time-honored manipulation of fire, smoke, and meat at your beck and call—not to mention the opportunity to sample the culinary craft right here at our own dining establishments.

Here are some of the best BBQ joints in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area—study the list carefully and then come bring your appetite to Hotel Crescent Court!

Lockhart Smokehouse (400 W Davis)

Lockhart Smokehouse proudly proclaims in its motto the method by which its transcendent ribs, brisket, and other cuts are properly enjoyed: “No Forks! No Sauce!” The meat comes smoked over Texas post oak to mouthwatering effect.

Pecan Lodge (2702 Main St)

The briskets, ribs, pulled pork, and sausages have made Pecan Lodge the sort of BBQ shrine spoken of in hushed tones. Come taste what comes out of a lovingly tended BBQ pit that smokes away 24 hours a day—and enjoy scratch-made sides and desserts, from mac-n-cheese to banana pudding.

The Slow Bone (2234 Irving Blvd)

Another downright legendary BBQ hotspot, the Slow Bone embellishes its classic smoked brisket and pork ribs with fried chicken, cilantro sausage, and other to-die-for fare.

Baby Back Shak (1800 S Ackard)

For a joint in the heart of Dallas to boldly offer Memphis-style BBQ rather than the typical Texan ‘cue, you know the product’s got to be pretty darn good. And Baby Back Shak’s is indeed, from ribs that happily slough right off the bone to luscious smoked drumsticks.

Mac’s Bar-B-Que (3933 Main St)

It’s not clear how much longer this beloved Dallas institution will be around, so beeline here while you can: The fact that Mac’s has been serving up made-from-scratch goodness since 1955 should be all you need to know.

Smoke (901 Fort Worth Ave)

As sacred as its old-school traditions are, Texas BBQ also accommodates modern twists and outside-the-box approaches, and you’ll find some of that on offer at Smoke, a more upscale sort of ‘cue establishment that’s well worth including on your smoky safari. Word to the wise: Try the coffee-cured smoked brisket!

Hotel Crescent Court: Your Base of Operations for Dallas BBQ

By all means, explore the above smokehouses while you’re staying with us here at Hotel Crescent Court, but keep in mind you can also experience a bit of Texas BBQ at our own acclaimed restaurants. At Beau Nash, for example, you might consider dipping into our House Smoked Meat Platter or ordering some Crispy House-Smoked Wings off our Texas Tapas menu—just a friendly suggestion!


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