Hotel lobby bar
Hotel lobby bar

Beau Nash Lounge At Best Hotel In Dallas, TX

Here at Hotel Crescent Court, you’re not only able to partake of Dallas’s finest hospitality, but also some of the most sought-after wining and dining hotspots in Uptown. Among them is our very own snazzy cocktail lounge, Beau Nash, housed amid the grand columns and marble floors of the Great Hall.

Beau Nash: Cocktails, Small Plates, and More

The ambience at Beau Nash alone is worthy of swoons, channeling as it does the energy and elegance of Uptown Dallas: No surprise it’s a popular destination among homegrown and visiting socialites alike. But our Hotel Crescent Court lounge is far from mere gloss: There’s some exceptional cuisine and a noteworthy selection of libations on offer here, ready for you whenever you need a little winding-down time or perhaps a swanky spot for a meeting.

We certainly recommend trying one of our Crescent Signature Cocktails, expertly mixed by your Beau Nash bartender. Perhaps the vodka- and Grand Marnier-bolstered Uptown ’86, or the Traveler, a seductive spotlight for Buffalo Trace Bourbon. Then there’s the Dallas Love, the Skyline Spritz, the Smoke & Rosemary, the Maple Old Fashioned: an entire A-team of exquisite mixological craft.

If you’re in the mood for a different sort of refreshment, Beau Nash boasts an excellent wine and champagne list, plus a robust selection of Scotch, whiskey, and cognac for the spirits connoisseur. And among the wide variety of bottled and draft beers you’ll find local craft brews well represented.

Texas Tapas at Beau Nash Lounge

To accompany your drink, you’ll discover a diverse lineup of small plates on our “Texas Tapas” menu: from BBQ Cornbread Tamales to Fried Pickles & Okra, from Charred Broccoli with Citrus to Grilled Octopus Con Chorizo—not to mention our waffle-fry-embellished Crescent Burger.

A Beau Nash Dessert

The cherry on top of a Beau Nash evening, if you will, would certainly have to be our decked-out sundae, which weaves brownies, cookies, toasted marshmallows, candied pecans, and toffee sauce into a devilishly delectable dessert.

Take in the Charms of Beau Nash During Your Stay at Hotel Crescent Court

Whether a quick cocktail meetup or an unhurried evening on the town, come join us here in the Hotel Crescent Court Great Hall at Beau Nash! The lounge is open from 2 PM to 11 PM Sunday through Thursday and stays open an extra hour on Fridays and Saturday nights. We’ll see you there!

Weekend Rates From $179/Night